About Us


 8427 Lake Otis Parkway, Anchorage, AK 99507

Abbott Loop Mission

All Abbott Loop Elementary School Staff and community are dedicated to ensure that all students learn in a safe and respectful environment. We will strive to provide an atmosphere where every child can feel valued and successful.


"We Are Number One!"

This is Abbott Loop's motto and the teachers and staff encourage all students to do their very best every day.


‌Abbott Loop Challenge 2015-2016

  • Goal 1: Students will be proficient in reading 75%, writing 75% and math 75%
  • ‌Goal 2: Provide students with quality instruction in order to prepare them for middle/high school
  • Goal 3: Student K-2 will attend school at least 90% of the time and 3-6 will attend at least 90%
  • Goal 4: 90% of parents will recommend their child's school to others
  • Goal 5: 100% of students and staff will feel safe at school
  • Goal 6: All departments will rank in the top quartile for operational efficiency.